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Jobiki - Education and Career Blog Template

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Download the free Jobiki – Education & Job Blogger Template

Free Download Jobiki Blogger Template – Becky Mold | Jobiki – Education and Career Blog Template It is a great template for job seekers and educational websites, with a clean and elegant look. Various types of blogger controls are developed with simple drag and drop HTML markup, because HTML markup is difficult for beginners. With the help of default link list tool from blogger, PikiTemplates Some advanced capabilities have been included. No difficulty and this template contains advanced SEO tags and complete optimization. You can use this template on your web page. The Jobiki Education Blogger Template Quick to respond and quick to adopt all kinds of decisions.

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PikiTemplates Provided developers Jobiki BlogSpot Template It helps to obtain certain data on your website while visiting our devices, thus creating a website for quick loading and remembering the previous session. Download this amazing blogger template and easily setup it for your blog.

Jobiki Blogger Template Features

Best options

Popular LinkList Category Posting Slider Magazine Style works like fast loading speed and featured publications. Loading is accelerated by the responsive design and browser compatibility.


Yes, with every device type, such as mobile and desktop tablet, this template is fully responsive. The mold looks nicely clean and attractive and is quick to take down.

Colors / Layout

Go to Layout, click on Theme Designer and many color changing fonts without HTML code can be used easily on your website. The design that uses the simple LinkList blogger widget is very simple in drag and drop.

the support

Our customer service always helps you with questions and problems with your mould. We will invite you to manage and support your blog. We are social media outlets for chatting and problem solving.

Other features:

  • responsive
  • elegant appearance
  • Slider and moving tool
  • Colors / Layout
  • Fast download
  • SEO friendly
  • New Blogger Framework
  • SEO tags and Advance
  • Google Testing Tool Validator
  • mobile friendly
  • AdSense friend
  • Fast download
  • Multiple languages
  • HTML5, CSS5, JavaScript, jQuery
  • Simple and mobile design
  • No encrypted scripts
  • Unique Featured Posts
  • Google Rich
  • clean layout
  • Latest FontAwesome Icons
  • social sharing
  • Browser compatibility


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