[Free Download] Academy LMS Customer Support Addon (Nulled) [Latest Version]

[Free Download] Academy LMS Customer Support Supplement (Repealed) [Latest Version]

an introduction
This addon is intended for students, teachers, and general users of your site powered by Academy Lms.
Anyone can send you a support ticket regarding any issue with your service and you can provide professional support using this addon.

How it works

The Academy’s Learning Management System must be pre-installed in your server
Buy the LMS bulletin board addon for the academy from codecanyon
Download and install the addon on the academy lms portal
Create some support ticket categories
Students or teachers can now submit tickets from their account panel
You can monitor all incoming open tickets with their priority status
Reply to users with appropriate answers in a single card thread
For replies or commonly used texts, you can save them to a macro…

=== Download links and demos ===

and what is worth to mention: We update new content like WordPress themes, plugins and PHP scripts every day. But remember that you should never use these items on a commercial website. All content posted here is for development and testing purposes only. We are not responsible for any damage, use it yourself risk! Highly recommend to buy LMS Academy Customer Support Supplement From The site of the original developer (dan_fisher). Thank you.

experimental = Academy LMS Customer Support Supplement

full live show

Download = Academy LMS Customer Support Plugin (Revoked).zip

Download now

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