[Free Download] Woo Infinite Options (Nulled) [Latest Version]

[Free Download] Woo Infinite Options (Cancelled) [Latest Version]


Allow your customers to easily customize the products sold on your Woocommerce site with Woo Infinite Options for WordPress.
Its unique and powerful back-end system allows you to create a smart, complete and easy-to-use options widget in minutes.

The plugin can dynamically modify the cost of the woo product and change its image depending on the values ​​populated in the customizer.
The resume of all selected options and their (optional) values ​​and prices are added to the woo request as a product attribute once the customization is complete.

Don’t simply display a long and painful list of choice…

=== Download links and demos ===

and what is worth to mention: We update new content like WordPress themes, plugins and PHP scripts every day. But remember that you should never use these items on a commercial website. All content posted here is for development and testing purposes only. We are not responsible for any damage, use it yourself risk! Highly recommend to buy Woo’s endless options From The site of the original developer (dan_fisher). Thank you.

experimental = Wu’s infinite options

full live show

Download = Woo Infinite Options (Nulled).zip

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